It was time for me to go to the doctor and have my eyes checked. Your vision isn’t something you think about until you notice your arms are either too short or too long to see clearly. If you have a non-serious vision issue, it usually falls into one of two categories: Either you have a problem seeing things at a distance or you have a problem seeing things up close.

As we age, it’s common to have an issue seeing things up close. This is all the more comical if, like me, you had an issue seeing things at a distance when you were younger. The good news is that you can see clearly with the help of your eye doctor. They have solutions like glasses to mitigate your vision issues or, if you’re a candidate, surgery to correct your eyesight.

It’s kind of ironic and made me think about how that relates to human behavior with things like planning. Think about it. When we are young we’re focused on what’s right in front of us. The future seems so far away and planning for it doesn’t give us the instant gratification that youth seeks.

As we get older, we barely see what’s right in front of us because we’re so focused on the future. It’s great to be thinking about the future, but if it’s an obsession based in fear, you might be missing out on the present and all the wonderful things happening around you. This is exactly the path that so many people follow when it comes to their financial vision and vision of retirement.

If you find yourself fixated on the future because of concerns, you’re probably missing out on the pursuit of happiness today. So, how can you fix this? It’s there’s a magical pair of glasses to help you see better? Well, there may not be any magic glasses, but there is a way to get better vision for the road ahead.

It starts with a plan. Having a solid plan you can rely on can give you the comfort of knowing you’re prepared. It fills in the blanks on some critical questions like: Will my money last? Am I prepared for future healthcare needs? And will my family be taken care of?

You can get this help from a financial professional. Most of them offer a complimentary meeting to get started. Just like scheduling an appointment with the doctor, you have to take the first step. Start by setting up a complimentary meeting with a financial professional who specializes in retirement planning. It’s amazing how when your vision becomes clear, you can start enjoying everything and everyone around you.