The Madrona Difference

Who You Work With Matters…

Would you have a brain surgeon work on your knee? Probably not. Even though a brain surgeon may have more training than any other medical professional, they are not trained on the knee. It is essential that your wealth is managed and supported by the right professionals.

When it comes to wealth management, there’s a good chance you’ll need support from investment professionals (advisors), insurance professionals (agents), tax professionals (CPAs), and estate professionals (attorneys).

Too often, one professional will try to ‘help” you in the other areas, even if their training is limited. This shortcut often comes at a cost to you.

Madrona Financial employs these professionals in-house (except attorneys) so that you have the right team working together for your benefit.

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The Fiduciary Standard

We are held to the fiduciary standard. That means we are legally bound to do what is in your best interest. When you work with Madrona Planning, you’ll be working with advisors who strive to do what’s best for you.

We Are Independent

All of our professionals have the freedom to recommend any investment to you, as long as it is in your best interest. No one owns us or can tell us what we can and cannot offer.

We Are Advisors & CPAs

We are trained advisors and CPAs who bring additional depth into your planning. Because of the additional accreditations among our team, we can offer more insight, services, and support than most financial planning practices.

We Are Rooted To Sustain

We believe that in order to sustain yourself and your wealth, you must be rooted in the 7 areas that sustain wealth. They are Lifestyle Planning, Growth Planning, Protection Planning, Tax Planning, Healthcare Planning, Gifting Planning, and Legacy Planning. All of our plans receive an in-depth analysis on all 7 areas so that you can sustain yourself and your wealth. 

We Are Full-Service

We offer full-service support, which includes comprehensive planning, asset management, tax planning, and more.

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