Sometimes I enjoy watching those home remodeling shows on cable.  Apparently I’m not the only one since there are at least a dozen of them running at any time. The part I like the most is when they show the before and after pictures of the rooms they remodeled because the transformations are incredible and always get me thinking about the possibilities in my own home.

While many home improvements can be expensive, they can also pay great dividends in increasing the value and lifespan of your home.  Some homeowners will wait until they’re ready to sell their home to make improvements, but why wait? Make the enhancements while you live there so you can enjoy them too.  Bringing your home up to date can make a big difference and help your home to be more functional for how you live today.  The same is true when updating your retirement portfolio, especially if you haven’t done it in a while.

You would be amazed at how quickly a portfolio can become outdated with old investment products that have been greatly improved over time.  One main reason a portfolio needs to be updated is because of the fact that your personal and family needs change constantly.  What worked for you 20 years ago might not be what you need today or in the future.

Before we dig into someone’s portfolio, we like to understand their goals for retirement. It all starts with a conversation and that’s why I’d like to welcome you to come in, sit down, and discuss your retirement goals absolutely free of charge and with no obligation.  After we know and understand your retirement goals, we can evaluate your current financial plan to see if it was designed to meet your expectations.  If not, we can discuss options and come up with solutions to help you achieve your financial goals and live out the retirement you want.

Remember, if you’re concerned that one of your investments might be as old as your water heater, then give us a call and we’ll help you remodel your portfolio so you can get the most out of it today and tomorrow.