Our world around us can change pretty fast, and the last thing you need as a retiree is a costly surprise that you’re not prepared for. At Madrona Financial Services, we work hard to safeguard your money from corrections in the market, and at the same time, be prepared to grow against inflation. Our team will help you find balance for your retirement so that you can enjoy what should be the best years of your life.

You’ve spent the last thirty or forty years accumulating wealth to sustain a steady stream of retirement income toretirement solutions live on. A potential risk when planning for retirement on your own is the chance of getting caught in a market downturn when nearing or just after retirement. These worst-case scenarios drop the value of your assets at the worst possible time, because the luxury of having the time to recover is no longer available, leaving retirees with less money to draw from as they enter the retirement phase of their lives and reducing the income you need to depend on in future years. In light of the recent volatility in the stock market and the recessions of 2001 and 2008, our Investment Committee understands the importance of a comfortable, trusting relationship with their clients. We use some of the latest investment software to develop risk assessment investment strategies and tax deferral models designed to help maximize your potential investment returns while reducing downside market risk.

With advances in modern medical technology, it is no longer uncommon for at least one spouse to live past the age of ninety. This means that today’s retirees need to plan for their savings to last three decades or longer. As you approach retirement, we consider how to best move your growth-seeking investments over to a more conservative, income generating portfolio, while still placing a strong emphasis on wealth preservation with prudent asset appreciation to offset inflation and taxes.

Because retirement strategies need to be able to support longer lifetimes, we are committed to designing strategies for our clients that create opportunity for long-term growth and provide fixed income streams. These retirement income strategies are more important than they’ve ever been before because they can help protect money from market losses. At Madrona Financial Services, our commitment to you is to develop a complete, integrated plan built on security and performance to get you to and through retirement.