The arrival of summer means it’s time for one of my favorite weekend past times, going to classic car shows. Cars are usually displayed in pristine condition and look like they just rolled off the factory floor. They didn’t start out that way; it’s easy to forget that we’re only seeing the finished product at the car shows. To get them into that condition required a lot of blood, sweat and money.

Planning for your retirement is a lot like restoring a car. You start by setting goals and then do an analysis of your current situation so you can create a strategy for the best path forward. I really like when the car owner displays pictures of what the car looked like before it was restored. The transformations from neglected rusty shells to the shiny machines on display are incredible. The work put into these cars is a painstaking labor of love as they are brought back to life inch-by-inch.

Before taking on a restoration project the owners start by setting goals. Even the most experienced car restorers enlist the help of experts along the way. Working with a qualified financial professional is like having an expert restorer by your side, but instead of restoring cars, they’re helping you get your retirement in pristine condition.

Selecting the right financial advisor is a major decision, and one that may impact the direction of your retirement. That’s why we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary, no obligation financial review. We’ll take the time to discuss your goals and assess your current financial picture. The satisfaction of restoring a classic car is amazing, but nothing can compare to the feeling you’ll have knowing your financial future is secure and your retirement is ready to be enjoyed.