Maybe I’m just an overgrown kid, but I still love Halloween. One of my favorite things is when the little children come wobbling up to the house in their cute costumes. It’s hard not to have a smile on your face no matter how difficult your day was.

People really get into Halloween too; each year I see more and more houses decorated with ghosts and goblins. Many of us have fond memories of dressing up in our favorite costume to go trick-or-treating. The streets were packed with kids and it wasn’t uncommon to have to wait for the group in front of you to clear out before you could get to the doorbell.

Even though the Halloween goblins only appear once a year, I still see plenty of spooky things on an almost daily basis. The real scary stuff hides in plain sight, just lurking inside people’s portfolios. As we start to dig around a little bit, sometimes things suddenly jump out, like a big hidden fee that is eating away at returns. But nothing can compare to the frightening look on people’s faces when we inform them that their risk tolerance is not aligned with their current investment strategy. Now that’s scary!

The good news is that if you undergo regular, in-depth financial reviews there shouldn’t be any surprises in your portfolio. The problems seem to arise when too much time has gone by between financial check-ups. Like anything else, your investments and retirement plan need attention and nurturing.

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If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a financial review, maybe it’s time we talk. Our complimentary, no obligation financial reviews make it easy to get started. During our meeting, we’ll discuss your retirement goals and how we can help you achieve them. We understand the hard work you put in leading up to retirement, and the sacrifices you’ve had to make along the way. That’s why we never lose sight of our mission to maintain your financial security and independence.

So, in this Halloween season keep the spooky surprises away from your portfolio by scheduling a complimentary financial review, and we’ll make sure your retirement plan isn’t growing any cobwebs.