The holidays bring family together and for some it might be the only time they see each other over the course of a year. You tend to notice changes in people a lot more when you haven’t seen them for a period of time. At family gatherings, if you’re lucky, you may have multiple generations all together. It’s during these times when some great stories are told and hard earned wisdom is shared. For many families talking about health issues, or even time served in the armed forces, are easier topics to discuss than finance.

Maybe people think that discussing the topic of personal finance, or the plans they have for their estate, is not appropriate or too uncomfortable for a family to discuss. This just might be the single biggest issue that families tend to avoid because of how it makes them feel. The amount of hurt feelings or confusion a family faces could be greatly diminished, or even eliminated, if people figured out how to discuss the topic of money with the people they love. For many, the subject matter of money remains taboo. This is clearly a topic that sparks great emotion for many people and it’s exactly why they need the assistance of a financial professional.

Many qualified financial professionals have dealt with the topic of estate planning, and in particular the transfer of wealth and assets numerous times during their career. One of the most important attributes they bring besides expertise is the ability to take the emotions out of the planning and decision-making. They are your impartial sounding board on a topic that is very personal to you.

If you haven’t had these types of conversations with your loved ones, or don’t have an estate plan, it’s time to schedule a meeting. Many qualified financial professionals offer no-obligation, complimentary meetings where you can discuss your questions or concerns regarding estate planning. Take advantage of a free meeting to get your questions answered on one of the most important decisions you will make.

The rules regarding estates and wills change from time to time and can vary from state to state; this is not something you want to leave to chance. Being together with family over the holidays is wonderful, but it’s also a great opportunity to have a loving conversation about some really important family business. Remember, your wisdom may be more important than your wealth so make sure to share it with the ones you love.