So class, what did we all learn from this election?  Okay, that question may be too general, so let’s focus on one single topic, forget topic, let’s focus on a single word—unpredictable.

That’s the perfect word to describe the outcome of the election. Of course, shocked, surprised, and “never saw that one coming” are a few other words and phrases that also fit. It didn’t really matter what political talk show you watched or what poll they quoted, almost all of them predicted the exact opposite outcome.

How could so many smart people with so much data at their fingertips have been so wrong? That was the topic being debated as much as anything else.  The answer is very complex and at the same time actually quite simple; there are very few certainties in life and the unpredictability factor is apparently alive and well.

It’s why you always need to have a plan B in place for when things don’t actually happen according to your plan. Think about the reason we have insurance, it’s to make sure we’re covered in case something unexpected happens. The same principle applies to proper financial planning.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your retirement plan is flexible enough to deal with change.  If your portfolio can’t adapt to changing market conditions you may be unnecessarily putting yourself at risk. There may be no better time to focus on your portfolio’s reaction to uncertainty than now.

It’s why we like to use “what if” scenarios in our retirement planning process.  It helps us create multiple strategies to accomplish the same goals. When you schedule your complimentary, no obligation financial review, we’ll stress test your portfolio against different market conditions to see how it reacts to change.   We’ll take the time to understand your retirement goals and put you on a path to achieving them.

Don’t forget that we live in a wonderful and unpredictable world, so make sure to factor that in when it comes to your retirement planning. Click HERE to request your financial review today!