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Investments, taxes, retirement, and legacy planning should be managed while in the confidence of professionals. While there are countless books written on each of these topics, none hit specifically on how they can all be managed simultaneously, in a cohesive way, to help you maximize the potential benefits of each. There are synergies to gain from addressing these topics in concert, as we do in our advisory practice.

We could never understand why you’d have to go to so many different places to get your financial affairs in order when they’re all SO interconnected. That’s why we combined all of the things you need in one place, with one committed team, working year-round, for you.

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“As I mentioned previously, cash flow is of paramount importance in retirement. Eventually, real estate or partnerships must be turned into something more liquid to live on. But here is another potential problem in retirement most people haven’t considered: What if you live too long and are too healthy? No, that was not a typo. Living too long can mean outliving your money especially given the effects of inflation. If you retire at 62 years old and live to be 97, do you really have enough assets saved to live on for 35 years?”

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