Memorial Day – A Time to Remember and Honor

Well, we made it through another winter and now the unofficial start to summer has begun. That’s right, with this weekend’s celebration of Memorial Day, the time to fire up the grill and gather with friends and family is officially here.

Unfortunately, that’s the first thing that comes to mind for many people when celebrating the big holiday weekend.  That is of course unless you or someone close to you has served in the armed forces, then it has a whole different meaning.  Memorial Day is the day we remember and honor those men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military.  And sadly, as the chaos in the world continues, it appears the number of those lost to military conflict may not end anytime soon.

As much sadness as Memorial Day represents for those who have lost someone close, it’s also a time to celebrate their lives.  For this day is also about heroism, patriotism, humanity, and an unyielding belief in core principles.  And, while their lives may have ended way too soon, their stories and legacy live on forever. The sacrifice our men and women of the military make is unparalleled; they truly represent the best of us.

So, with this recent Memorial Day, please join us in honoring and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country and defend our freedom.  We truly thank everyone for their service, as they will never be forgotten.

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