Madrona Financial Services was founded in 1999 to provide financial expertise that is thorough, transparent and unique, while acting in their clients’ best interest as a fiduciary. This fiduciary capacity is not new to our CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Brian Evans, as he has met this standard since beginning his professional career as a CPA more than 30 years ago. Today, Madrona and our wholly-owned sister company Bauer Evans, Inc. P.S. have grown to include over 30 support staff working together to help you invest in your future, simplify your life and prosper. This is The Madrona Way and this is why we exist.

The process behind the Madrona Way begins with our proprietary global asset allocation strategy, which actively evaluates securities based on anticipated profit per dollar invested. By analyzing and researching vast amounts of reports and data, including the consensus estimates of approximately 670 analysts, we create sophisticated and diversified portfolios that factor in debt, price-to-earnings ratios and expected growth of earnings, which we use to advise you how to best achieve your financial goals.

We have the experience and the resources to help you realize your dreams. By taking advantage of our integrated financial solutions, which include investment management, tax strategies, retirement and legacy planning, our clients leave our offices with truly comprehensive financial plans that remove the stress of coordinating between several firms and offer the confidence of knowing that all of their finances are managed strategically. At Madrona Financial Services, we pride ourselves on an unparalleled level of client service and appreciate the opportunity to help make your financial ambitions a reality.

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When most people think about retirement, they may simply think of an age or an amount of money to retire with. These two factors alone aren’t enough to secure a prosperous retirement. The Little Red Book aims to help you address important questions that pertain to your retirement planning needs in an effort to help you get closer to reaching your goals now and in retirement. Download your free digital copy here to get started!

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We could never understand why you’d have to go to so many different places to get your financial affairs in order when they’re all SO interconnected. That’s why we combined all of the things you need in one place, with one committed team, working year-round, for you. Grab your copy of Prosperous Revelations today on Amazon.com, or you can download a free digital copy right now when you sign up for a complimentary financial review. You’ll also receive a paperback copy when you visit one of our offices as our gift to you.

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Investments, taxes, retirement and legacy planning should be managed while in the confidence of professionals. While there are countless individual firms on each of these essential areas, none of them help you manage them all simultaneously, in a cohesive way, to help you maximize the potential benefits of each. There are synergies to gain from addressing these topics in concert, as we do in our advisory practice. For more information on each of our services watch one of our videos below.