Imagine being on a game show and being asked a really hard question that you have to answer correctly before moving on. You know, the kind of show where the clock is ticking and you have to make a choice between putting everything at risk or walking away with a consolation prize.

Now imagine how your chances could improve on that game show if you had a team of professionals trained in the subject matter you were about to be asked and you were allowed to consult them before you had to give your answer. What an advantage!

This is the game we play when we’re at or near retirement age. “Well…I’ve made some solid profits over the last six or so years, and the market seems to be moving in the right direction…maybe if I hang in there for another year or so it might add more years of retirement income. But then again, I remember what happened to a lot of people in 2008…if I risk it now will I be working another ten years? What’s the right thing to do?”

It can feel that way when you’re on your own trying to make critical financial decisions. Especially now while the market’s at an all-time high…and you’re at or near retirement age. There’s a lot at stake. Having a professional at your side would give you a big advantage when you need it most…one might say a potentially life changing advantage.

Great news, because in the “game of life” you’re allowed to have a team of professionals at your side when it’s time to make a high stakes decision. You don’t have to play games to plan a secure retirement and you certainly don’t have to do it alone. You can work with a financial professional who can help guide you through the maze of financial options. The amount of planning leading up to retirement can be daunting. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of some of the options available to them. There are a number of age-triggered decisions that could have a major impact on the outcome of your retirement. For instance, when you turn fifty-nine and a half, you can take more control over the direction of your 401(k) plan. There are also age related strategies when deciding when to take your Social Security benefits. Delaying your benefits from age 62 to 70 could increase your lifetime monthly benefits by over 75%. There are many more decisions, before and during your retirement that could have major impacts on the longevity of your retirement funds. These decisions should not be taken lightly or made on a whim; they should involve proper planning and strategy….and a team of professionals by your side.

If you feel like you’ll have an advantage in “the game of life” with a team of professionals by your side helping you answer the questions that will shape the next thirty years of your life…call one near you. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and scheduling a meeting. Many financial professionals offer complimentary meetings where you can ask questions and discuss where you’re at in the retirement planning process. Even if you’ve made some major decisions, it’s never too late to get a second opinion from a financial professional. Many of them also offer complimentary second opinion reviews so you can know if you’re on the right track. So go ahead and try out for one of those game shows, just tell them your financial advisor will be sitting next to you.