It’s finally here, Election Day is upon us. Regardless of your affiliation, we can all likely agree on one thing, we’re happy that it’s finally coming to an end.

Many people refer to the discourse of this election as one of the nastiest, but can you recall a “friendly” election in the recent past? What’s apparent is that these were two mostly unpopular candidates, each with vastly different views of the future of our country. The two have also been running relatively close in the polls, telling us that we live in a rather divided country.

There are many pivotal issues that differentiate the direction our country could head in, but one thing is for certain…Change is Coming. One of the areas that you should expect change, regardless of the elected party, is in the economic policy of the administration. It’s just a fact that every new administration wants to put their own policy in place and advance their agenda.

To us, this all means that we must be prepared for certain outcomes that could impact our retirement portfolios. From domestic to international policy changes, you could be exposed in a number of ways. There may be no more important thing to do than get prepared now for what could be a slightly bumpy ride. That means you should know if you are overexposed to certain sectors of the market and if you have a strategic investment plan in place to deal with change.

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A severe drop and loss of value in your portfolio could be devastating depending on how close you are to retirement or what your retirement goals are. If you don’t have 15 years to recover significant losses, then it’s time that you take some preventative measures. If it’s been a while since you’ve done a risk assessment, portfolio re-balance, or in-depth financial review, you may be putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

If you have questions about how your portfolio will react to change, it’s time to act. We offer complimentary, no obligation financial reviews where we can discuss your goals and evaluate your portfolio’s ability to achieve them. It may turn out that your current plan could get you there under normal market conditions, but is not set up for changing market conditions. There are usually options available to correct certain deficiencies in your investment strategy, but it requires aligning your actions with your intentions. This is where meeting with a qualified financial professional may be beneficial. A solid retirement plan is one that can adapt to change while still achieving your goals, and we can discuss the tools we have to help you create one.

So, put aside your political views for a moment and make sure your portfolio is ready for the change to come.