6 10, 2015

Are You Procrastinating?

We all have it in us to procrastinate at times. I've witnessed even the most disciplined of people put off something they would rather not do. There are certain times when a small degree of procrastination never hurt anyone, but in other situations, it can be catastrophic. Two areas where you should not procrastinate are [...]

29 09, 2015

How Often Do You Workout Your Retirement Plan?

It might be funny to think about money in terms of fitness, but go with me here. Money doesn't act too differently than we do when it comes to being active. Some people don't exercise and lay around like couch potatoes. After being inactive for a while, some bad things start to happen. Just ask [...]

15 09, 2015

Who’s Number 1?

It may be surprising to know that some of the people you rely on might not always have your best interest in mind when making recommendations. We take for granted that the professionals we work with put our interest before anything else, but that's not always the case. For instance, many investors take the advice [...]