It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Retirement

There’s no getting around it: the holiday season is here. Stores are playing Christmas tunes, there’s bright lights in front of every house, and everyone is beginning to bake their delicious, homemade holiday treats. Walk downtown and the sidewalks are filled with carolers and Holiday shoppers. Now, turn on the TV and you’re bound to be bombarded with Christmas ads. It’s all designed to whip us into a spending frenzy, but it leaves us with less time for what these holidays are really about: spending quality time with our family and friends. It’s not about the finding the perfect gift. It’s about savoring what you have, and taking the time to really appreciate the people around you. We’re trained to approach the holidays as a spend-athon, but if we took our time, we might appreciate the big holiday itself more.

The thing is, a lot of people approach retirement the way they’ve been trained to approach the holidays. When they reach their sixties, they become obsessed with retirement – it’s the exciting new thing that’s just on the horizon! If they can only save enough money now, work hard enough now, and scramble to get everything in place this very second, the perfect retirement will be theirs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Retirement should be like your dream Holiday vacation because it requires careful thought and proper planning that takes into account all of the different aspects of the future you’re imagining. You start by really asking yourself: what do I want from my retirement, and how can I make it meaningful for me?

That’s the key to appreciating your retirement, and it’s exactly what we’ve been aiming to help our clients achieve. Spend at least as many hours planning for retirement as you would your dream, 30-year holiday vacation. Your retirement should be the greatest vacation of your life, but it requires a custom, actionable plan to help get you there.

We understand that, just like the holidays, your retirement matters because of the people you’ll spend it with and the memories you’ll make. We want to help you reach the point where you can do what you’ve always dreamed about in retirement. Click HERE to request your complimentary, no obligation retirement review to get started. And remember to have a happy holiday season, not just because of all the things you’ll buy, but because of the special people around you. In the end, that’s how you can really get the most out of your retirement.