About Madrona Financial

What does prosperity mean to you? At Madrona Financial Services, we think it’s measured in the way we live and enjoy our lives. Our job is to help you maximize yours. We invest in your future, and can’t help but believe that with us by your side, your best years are ahead of you.

In the financial industry, everyone has plenty of tools accessible to them, but some have the ability to use them better than others. We pride ourselves on using technology thoughtfully and actively managing the portfolios of our clients. It’s about the future of your investments that matter most to you, that’s why we analyze today’s decisions with tomorrow in mind. In fact, Madrona Financial advisors choose investments that attempt to “buy low and sell high,” including three ETFs managed by our affiliate, Madrona Funds, LLC. In essence, Madrona Funds’ investment managers evaluate analysts’ projections and attempt to buy undervalued stocks and sell stocks when overvalued all while considering hundreds of the world’s stocks, bonds, developed and emerging markets and evaluate them based on their anticipated future profits. And because the investments selected by Madrona Financial are comprised of so many companies and asset classes, they’re well-diversified and offer our investors ample variety. And more variety, along with our active management of your portfolio, helps us capitalize on what matters most: Your potential investment gains.

At Madrona Financial Services, we want to simplify your life so that you have time to do the things that are most important to you. You shouldn’t have to go to one person to handle your finances, another to file your taxes, and another to plan your estate. All of the various aspects of your finances are interconnected, and that’s why your Madrona team will be comprised of specialized professionals from each respective field. Madrona Financial partners with our sister company Bauer Evans, Inc. P.S. to provide accounting and tax services. It will save you time and we believe that in order to have a truly effective financial strategy, you need a team by your side managing all of your financial needs comprehensively and strategically.

The Madrona team would be more than happy to help you discover what prosperity looks like for you. We want to be by your side to help you enjoy your life, spend more time with the ones you love and ultimately leave your legacy’s mark.