If you’re listening to my show, chances are you’re paying close attention to the news of the day. It would be great if there were more good news reported than bad. There is nowhere that the news media focuses more intently on than the polarizing political campaigns. Throughout the campaigning process, there’s a whole lot of finger pointing, uncertainty and negativity. It’s easy to feel less than confident about the future of our world, of our country and of our own families.

I’ll remind you, though, that life is about ebbs and flows, and so is our world. The rancor and “big talk” among the politicians in the news world seems to stand out more than ever. Keep in mind that it’s not that much more contentious than ever, it’s just that the subject is different and the biggest change is in the way it’s reported and our own behavior in regard to how we are consumed by it all. There are countless news television and radio channels and mounting forwarded emails, and now we get to hear everyone’s point of view on social media. It’s easy to be consumed by it and buy into the negativity.

The reality is that we live in a wonderful land and Americans are the kindest, most industrious people ever. We also have the spirit and opportunity to pioneer and control our own destiny. One of the reasons that I love the business that I’m in is because there are ways to take control of our own futures and limit the noise of the world around us. It starts with seeking out a financial professional so you have a plan in place that can help better prepare you for what’s to come. It’s a great stress reliever and I bet it will make you feel just a little bit better when you’re processing the negative clutter in the news. Let’s get started and feel good about the power we have to control our own futures.